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Conditions Treated by Acupuncture

acupuncture treated pain Pain & Neurological
Back Pain
Neck and Shoulder Pain
Arthritis & Other Joint Pain
Numbness, Tingling & Nerve Pain
Generalized Pain / Fibromyalgia
Stroke Rehabilitation (XNKQ Technique)
acupuncture treated psychological Addiction and Psychological
Smoking Cessation
& Other Addictions
acupuncture treated women's health Women's Health
Menopause and Hot flashes
Menstrual Cramps
Morning Sickness
Mood Swings
Breast Tenderness
PCOS, Endometriosis
Facial Rejuvenation
acupuncture treated digestive disorders Digestive
Acid Reflux
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Chron's Disease
acupuncture treated immunological Respiratory and Immunological
Auto-Immune Diseases
Asthma & COPD
Side effects of Chemotherapy,
Radiation and Surgery
Colds & Flus
acupuncture covered by insurance Your insurance may cover


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How Acupuncture Works

How many treatments will it take before I feel better?

It depends on the type, severity and chronicity of the condition. Some new and acute conditions may only take one to three treatments to resolve. Other chronic and degenerative conditions need up to 5 treatments before seeing a significant change and around 10 for maximum benefit, with maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks after the initial treatment phase.
The initial treatment phase is based upon the patient, their lifestyle, their condition and other therapies. In any condition, you want your first treatments close together in order to get the results you are seeking, just as you would see your physical therapist or chiropractor more often in the beginning of your therapy with your doctor. If you are not receiving other therapies you may have acupuncture twice a week for the first week or so, until you're feeling better. Then you would decrease to once a week and then every two weeks, then three and four weeks for maintenance as you feel better. If you are receiving other therapies, you may begin your treatment once a week and spread your treatments out from there.

More Questions About Acupuncture?

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